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We would like you to enjoy the grounds and house areas but please be mindful, with a natural woodland, stream, spring/well, old and ancient buildings, wildlife, pool and outside kitchen and BBQs, you will need to take responsibility for your personal safety. Please talk to young children and educate them about possible risks and benefits when playing in the woodland and near water.


Guests are responsible for the safety of their children at all times. Children must never be left unsupervised in our cottages or grounds.


Each cottage has a fire blanket available in the kitchen. There is also an extinguisher in the laundry communal area, outside the Sunflower cottage.


Assembly point –through the iron gate, into the walled garden area. In the event of a fire, please inform us and call 112 immediately.


No smoking in any of our buildings, woodland, or in the direct vicinity of the pool area. Please use ashtrays to extinguish cigarettes in external areas.


We are aware that small accidents and breakages will happen, and we will bear the cost of isolated breakages. All we ask is that you let us know of any breakages/damages so that we can attempt to repair, clean or replace without it needing to cost you money. Any damage caused by negligence will be taken from your deposit.


Please be aware of low-level windowsills in upstairs rooms. We would strongly advise not leaving windows open if children are using accommodation.


Pool Safety – the pool is only 70cm (2ft 4” deep), so do not attempt to jump or dive in. Although shallow, it is a lovely pool to have a splash and cool down during the hot summer months and stays reasonably warm. The pool is generally available from 11 am until dusk from May to September and is dependent on the weather. Unless you have a sole site booking, the pool is available to all our guests. The pool is alarmed, and we will explain how this works on arrival. No running in the pool area and please do not climb on walled areas. Children and non-swimmers to be accompanied by an adult. Sun cream can cause havoc to the pool water, please shower before using the pool or use waterproof sun cream. Plastic glasses have been provided in the outside kitchen, please do not take glass items to the pool area and leave the area tidy after use. The pool is not to be used by any person under the influence of excessive alcohol. The pool is generally checked daily by the hosts and on occasion we may have to close the pool for maintenance reasons.


Gardens/woodland/stream – please stay on pathways and be aware of uneven ground, overhanging branches and wildlife. We would advise wearing full covered footwear while walking through woodland. Please do not paddle in the stream. Whilst it appears very inviting, the riverbed is dangerous, the water is very cold, and we do not want the wildlife disturbed. If you are lucky, you will see Pierre, our resident Pike, our dabbling ducks, other fish and the river vipers!!!! (They don’t bite). Please advise children not to eat unidentified plants and berries. Children to be accompanied at all times.


Lavoir structure by the stream– beams are very low, so please mind your head.


Outside Kitchen & BBQ areas – please check with us in advance, if you wish to use the outside kitchen so that we can talk through health and safety precautions. Leave kitchen area clean and tidy and extinguish BBQs after use. Please ask to see Outside Kitchen Policy


Fire pits – please check with us in advance, if you wish to use the fire pit corner, so that we can risk assess conditions and only use logs provided (€5 euros).  Please extinguish the fire before leaving the area. Please ask to see Fire Pit Policy


Pool and Woodland areas will be closed at dusk and in inclement weather.


Hot water - Please be mindful that the water in some cottages does get very HOT. If you have any problems with the hot water supply, please let us know.


We retain the right, with your knowledge, to enter the property for maintenance and inspection purposes.


Please remember to lock doors and close windows when you leave the property unoccupied. We cannot accept liability for theft, loss or damage to personal possessions


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