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Wow… how can it be time for a January update already. It doesn’t seem any time at all since we wished you all a happy new year. We have been pleasantly surprised and immensely grateful with how our bookings have been coming in this month, with a good number of January and February bookings and forward spring and summer reservations, along with lovely reviews from visiting guests so far . It’s only when I look back on our photos that I appreciate how much work we have been doing; alongside my french civic training days and now language classes, we have been up cycling a small old wooden table for Sunflower; a little rustic, but I think more traditional than the glass one we acquired with the cottage, making some fun and crafty signposts, tree pollarding and cutting back vines and ivy. It’s been colder than expected and we have even had some wintery snow but also some lovely misty mornings. With the month finishing off with a much appreciated visit and pair of helping hands from my lovely daughter, Chloe and my fab Dad .


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